Hypothetical Brand Identity System Design
Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes we just need a place to unplug and unwind—a place where we can leave behind our work, bills, school, and society. Unwind Nap Bar offers a high-end sleep experience, with soundproofed rooms available in the middle of the city to briefly escape the stressors of daily life and relax, take a nap, or meditate.

With control over mood lighting, diffuser aromas, and gentle soundscapes, these spaces provide the perfect place to transport young professionals and students away from the constant, relentless forward march of city life. Anyone can rent rooms for half-hour intervals, while members have access to additional benefits, including room service with teas, cocktails, and more.

The identity system is light and fun, with a calm, warm color palette to communicate an escape from the rigidity of daily life.