Kenzo Miura is a brand and packaging designer.
Kenzo is a Los Angeles-born, Sacramento-raised, Providence-trained, Dallas-based graphic designer and creative.

As a freelance designer, Kenzo has projects in layout design, brand design, interface design, package design, and general graphic design. He works with clients in the United States and Japan, including Type-A-iD, MAIYA, the Center for Political Accountability, Makoto Taiko, and Umami United. He is currently a design intern at Akashi-Kama, and a graphic designer at Caltech for the Lunar Trailblazer mission. Kenzo's studies include a bachelor's degree from Brown University, and additional coursework at Rhode Island School of Design and ArtCenter College of Design.

As a Japanese/Okinawan-American, Kenzo is inspired by the principle of wabi-sabi—a worldview that seeks to highlight the beauty in transience and imperfection. Between this perspective and his background as a planetary scientist, Kenzo combines sustainable practices with design that honors the inherent qualities of a brand or material.

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