Album Art Design
MAIYA is a Bay Area-based Japanese-American singer-songwriter. Known for her soft, wistful vocals, cinematic piano performance, gentle yet exploratory chord progressions, and introspective lyricism, MAIYA's music provides an intimate window to the nature of our personal relationships with friends, family, love, and loss.

As MAIYA's sophomore album, MISO picks up where what are your thoughts left off, with further exploration of MAIYA's Japanese-American heritage. With this release, MAIYA paints a melancholic, yet not quite tragic picture exploring her family history, connecting memory and intergenerational experience via the cultural lens of various Japanese and Japanese-American cuisine.

This cover artwork aims to express a melancholic, but not tragic mood. Nostalgia is also invoked using City Pop aesthetics and traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock printing, maximizing upon MAIYA's reserved sense of femininity and Japanese-ness.
As an extension of the brand identity system, I also created the cover art for the lead single "Miso" with B-side "love song for a girl who can't sleep".